The 11th ScAIEM conference at the University of South-Eastern Norway

29 November - 1 December, 2023

Statues and History of ScAIEM

IEM as an academic field is scattered. There is a need to strengthen our professional community to enhance our academic identity and further develop our education, research, and societal impact. Consequently, the Scandinavian Academy of Industrial Engineering and Management (ScAIEM) was founded 2012. By sharing experiences, discuss common issues, and getting to know each other better, the aim is to create a thriving professional association for all management scholars of the engineering faculties in the Nordic region.

The Statutes for the Scandinavian Academy of Industrial Engineering and Management (ScAIEM) were decided on the Constitutional Assembly, Linköping, Sweden, November 28, 2012, and updated March 21, 2017. Institutional members were invited the first time in February, 2014.

Current statues, decided by an Extra Annual Meeting March 21, 2017 (pdf):


Historical documents:

Original invitation to become ScAIEM member, Febr 2014 (pdf, including Statues): Invitation to become ScAIEM Institutional member, Febr 28, 2014

Statues ScAIEM Nov 28, 2012 (pdf): Statues ScAIEM Decided 121128

Did you know? The first founding board had its constituting meeting in a Vertol helicopter at the Swedish Air Force Museum in Linköping, November 2012.