The 11th ScAIEM conference at the University of South-Eastern Norway

29 November - 1 December, 2023

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Application deadline 2023/10/15

Postdoctoral fellow in transformative innovation with focus on digitalisation for sustainable transitions

For this position, we are looking for a postdoctoral fellow who can develop, apply and evaluate digital tools (such as artificial intelligence, internet of things) with the aim of speeding up the transition of business to sustainable development. Areas of application relate to sustainable and circular business arrangements based on both a producer and consumer perspective and include close collaboration with participating actors. The focus is thus not on the digital technology itself, but on its application, usefulness and wider effects.
2+1 year

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Due date: 15 of Oct
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Application deadline 2022/12/12

Postdoctoral position in Industrial Engineering & Management with a specialization in Project Management & Project Governance

The research investigates how risks of SMR projects could be mitigated and gives preliminary answers to the question “are SMRs viable solutions in decarbonising energy production?” Conventional projects for nuclear power plants have showed difficulties to meet deadlines and time schedules as well as keeping the budget. The idea behind SMRs is to reduce time, uncertainty and complexity due to the shift from “constructed on site” to the mindset of “installed on site”. But the question remains if this is possible as it requires new financing models, new roles and responsibilities of project actors, new digital tools etc.

For more information about the position, please visit this link.

Application deadline 2023/03/15

Reframing sustainability

The aim of this course is to provide critical perspectives on sustainable transitions. While sustainability has become a driving concept in industrial processes, public policies, political
discourse, academic research and teaching, societal commitments, its understanding and in particular the ways towards it have never been so diverse and even divergent.
In this course the intent is not to choose one among these perspectives and approaches but rather exploring the multiplicity of voices in the name of “sustainable transitions”. At the same
time the aim is to offer critical tools to navigate that complexity and to reflect upon the different researchers’ roles.
On the one hand, sustainability is a driving factor for new markets, business models, and new partnerships towards sustainable value creation. On the other hand, sustainability implies to
look at situated re-organizational processes at the boundaries between technoscientific knowledge, materiality, political choices and ethical postures. In other words, sustainability will be framed as practices taking place in specific contexts and involving a plurality of socioand material actors. The course will provide theoretical suggestions and will work through case studies to explore sustainable transition in practice and its implications in terms of organizing, management and politics.

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Application deadline 2022/02/11

Postdoc on sustainable industry and society

This particular position has Innovation management, innovation eco-systems and entrepreneurship as a perspective – with an intent on generating new knowledge and good practices about how to spread sustainability-related management practices in organizations. Key questions are to what extent, how and why firms respond to changes in the behavior of their peers, and how fora anchored in the university can facilitate the diffusion of good practice within and across industries.

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Application deadline 2022/03/31

Post-doctoral researcher in operations management

The LUT School of Engineering Science is looking for a post-doctoral researcher to work in the field of operations management. The school’s mission is to train problem-solvers in the field of engineering and contribute to a wider understanding of our world through research in technology. The school’s research and education are characterised by an entrepreneurial, global and sustainable mindset. Its strength lies in its close collaboration with companies combined with strong theoretical and methodological expertise.

The position is hosted by the Supply Chain and Operations Management research team at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. The team studies and teaches structures, processes and operational models of organisations. It develops theories and solutions for improving the performance of organisations, value chains and networks. The Supply Chain and Operations Management research team includes one professor and five associate professors and post-doctoral researchers.

Application deadline 2022/02/20

Førsteamanuensis/professor i prosjektledelse

Ved Institutt for industriell økonomi og teknologiledelse er det ledig en stilling som professor/førsteamanuensis i prosjektledelse.

Er din ambisjon å forske i et sterkt, internasjonalt fagmiljø innen virksomhetsledelse? Ønsker du å utdanne sivilingeniører med fremragende kompetanse innenfor prosjektledelse? Da håper vi at du søker stilling hos oss ved Institutt for industriell økonomi og teknologiledelse.

Vi rekrutterer ansatte som brenner for å bidra til at instituttet oppnår visjonen om «mer forskning og samspill som øker vår verdiskaping i grenseflaten mellom teknologi/naturvitenskap og økonomi, ledelse og HMS». Vi søker ansatte som har erfaring med og/eller ser potensial for kontinuerlig nyskaping og nytenking for organisasjoner som opererer i denne grenseflaten.

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Application deadline 2022/01/10

Försvarshögskolan: Postdoktor till projekt Fokus

Försvarshögskolan erbjuder en spännande arbetsplats där civilt och militärt möts med nya utmaningar
under stor frihet. Skolan växer fort med många nya forskningspartners och finansiärer samt nya
utbildningar. Vi har också viktiga traditioner på skolan från det militära arvet, t.ex. väldigt bra friskvård
och mässverksamhet där anställda och studerande kan mötas under avslappnade former.

Den här anställningen som Postdoktor avser forskning (min 80 %) inom ramen för projektet Fokus.
Fokus är ett samverkansprojekt finansierat av KK-stiftelsen, och bygger på tre delprojekt som knyts
samman i ett synergiprojekt. Att det är ett samverkansprojekt innebär att, förutom Försvarshögskolan, så
deltar också representanter från industri och myndigheter. Du kommer ha huvuddelen av din forskning
inom delprojektet som studerar hur försörjningskedjor kan optimeras mot förmågan ställa om mellan
fred, kris och krig. Målsättningen är att förstå hur industrin samtidigt kan stärka sin konkurrenskraft och
bidra till en ökad försvarsförmåga.

Se denne linken for mer info.

Application deadline 2022/02/22

DTU Tenure Track Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Management Studies

The Implementation and Performance Management Section (IPM), placed in the Management Science Division at DTU Management, invites applications for a position as Assistant Professor (tenure-track) or Associate Professor (tenured) in Management Studies with a focus on Advanced Technologies. The position is a unique opening to study the role of advanced technologies, beyond digital, in shaping management processes and organizational practice.

This is an opportunity to do pioneering research in management studies while linking to the DTU’s broader ecosystem of technological knowledge.

Please visit this link for more info.

Application deadline 2021/11/21

Associate Professor in Business Economics with a focus on Finance

The position is part of the Managerial Economics, Finance and Operations Research section. This is a cooperation-oriented research group with several internationally recognized researchers who are active in many national and international research projects and programmes. The section cooperates closely with both industry and governmental bodies. The section’s teaching duties are closely connected to the department’s 5-year Master of Technology program in Industrial Economics and Technology Management, which is one of the most prestigious master programs in Norway.

A Norwegian PhD or equivalent foreign PhD in one of the following four research areas: a) Empirical industrial organization, b) Empirical finance, c) Quantitative methods applied to business economics, or d) Financial mathematics or financial engineering. The applicants are also required to have teaching experience and publications within the field.

Please visit this link for more information.

Application deadline 2021/09/30

Lektor i industriell ekonomi med inriktning mot företagsfinansiering

KTH är ett av Europas ledande tekniska universitet och en viktig arena för kunskapsutveckling. Som Sveriges största universitet för teknisk forskning och utbildning samlar vi studenter, forskare och fakultet från hela världen. Vår forskning och utbildning omfattar såväl naturvetenskap som alla grenar inom teknik samt arkitektur, industriell ekonomi, samhällsplanering, historia och filosofi.

Ämnet innefattar studier av metoder och modeller för företagsfinansiering, värdering av olika tillgångsslag, ekonomisk styrning samt ekonomistyrningens och finansieringsfrågors effekter på industriell verksamhet och teknikbaserade affärer.

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