The 11th ScAIEM conference at the University of South-Eastern Norway

29 November - 1 December, 2023


Event date 2017/08/31

Project Management Institute

Process Studies of Project Organizing

Deadline Aug 31, 2017

What if processes were more than building blocks of project management, but rather, represented a way of viewing the world? In fact, processes are often thought of, both in research and practice, in terms of nite stages, following each other in a certain sequence. This is not what this call is aimed at. This call wants to go beyond such an understanding of processes, and instead, explore processes from an ontological point of view, as a means of foregrounding change, becoming, and uidity.

Full papers must be submitted by 31 August 2017 via the journal submission site. Papers accepted for publication, but not included in the special issue will be published later in a regular issue of the journal.
For further information about this special issue, please contact Viviane Sergi aT

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