The 7th ScAIEM conference at KTH

Stockholm, 14.-16. of October 2019

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ScAIEM Conference

Deadline 2019/10/14

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The 7th ScAIEM conference, KTH

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Past events

Event date 2013/11/28

1th ScAIEM Conference, Lund

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Event date 2014/11/17

2nd ScAIEM Conference, Aalto

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Event date 2015/11/18

3rd ScAIEM Conference, Copenhagen

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Event date 2016/11/25

4th ScAIEM Conference, Luleå

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Event date 2017/09/30

5th ScAIEM Conference, Trondheim

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Event date 2018/11/26

6th ScAIEM Conference, Oulu

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