The 11th ScAIEM conference at the University of South-Eastern Norway

29 November - 1 December, 2023

ScAIEM Conferences

Event date 2021/11/18


The 9th Scandinavian Conference in Industrial Engineering and Management, was organized by DTU Management. The theme of the conference was: The future of

Due to the COVID 19 restrictions the conference took place virtually the 18th and 19th of November 2021 . The 18th November was dedicated to the Young Scholar Workshops for
PhD students. The second day included sessions and presentations by keynote speakers from industry and academia. On Thursday, 18th November, there was a “Meet the ScAIEM Editors” session where a panel of Nordic editors from leading academic journals discussed their experiences of scientific publishing. The session took place on, a platform where you can turn into a little avatar and listen to the presentations of the editors in a 2D conference space. This platform also allowed the participants to have individual meetings with an editor or join a gathering with other participants.

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7th Young Scholars of ScAIEM Workshop

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